Our state-of-the art material science laboratory, provides full range of metallography, light & electron microscopy, EDS & XRF microanalyses and corrosion testing.
The laboratory is accredited to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018.

We offer:

  • Complete metallography of plated parts, PCBs, steels, aluminum and other substrates
  • Light microscopy
  • SEM imagining & EDS microanalysis
  • XRF measurements of coating thickness & composition
  • XRF trace analysis according to RoHS and WEEE requirements
  • Determination of complex multi-coating systems (metallography, XRF, SEM/EDS)
  • NSS corrosion testing according to ISO 9227
  • Failure analysis
  • Training courses for laboratory staff (metallography, corrosion testing, failure analysis)

Our laboratory uses the latest equipment including:

Metallography            Struers Tegramin-30, Struers Labotom-5, Struers Citopress-1
Microscopy                 Leica DM 4000 M, Leica M 165 C, Carl Zeiss Jena Neophot 32
Corrosion testing        Liebisch S 400 M-TR (3 units), Liebisch KB 300 (Kesternich)
SEM                              ZEISS EVO 50 XVP
EDS                               Bruker XFlash 6|30 (Quantax 200) – Elemental microanalysis for SEM
XRF                               Fischerscope X-RAY XDV – Measurements of coating thickness & composition,
                                      Trace analysis according to RoHS and WEEE requirements, determination of complex multi-coating systems